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What is the NYGPL Membership Fee and what do you get for it?
The Membership Fee for our 8-ball season is currently $45.00. Each player gets to play one to three games per match each time they attend a match (subject to the captain's direction). Each player also receives a free drink at each match.
How many players are on a team?
A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12.
How many games are in a match?
Each match has 11 games divided into 2 rounds of play. In the first round there is one doubles followed by 4 singles. In the second round there is a double, four singles, and one last doubles.
How many games can one person play in a match?
No more than 3 games total. Up to 2 singles and 1 double, or 2 doubles and 1 single.
What rules does the league play by, and where can I find a copy?
The league follows the BCA General Rules of 8-Ball and the World Standardized Rules of Pocket Billiards, with only a few exceptions listed within our NYGPL Guidelines and Rules of Play. All of these rules can be downloaded here.
I am not a pool shark. Can I play in the pool league?
Absolutely! The NYGPL is an amateur league. While the level of competition can be fairly high, there is plenty of room for players who want to improve their game and have a good time doing it. The league also encourages its players to learn defensive strategy, which allows less skilled players to compete successfully with players of greater offensive skill.
Can I try it out to see if I want to play for a whole season?
Yes, at the beginning of the season. Anyone may play on any team for the first three weeks of the season without making a commitment. Starting in week 4 you may no longer play without being on a team roster and paying your membership fee.

If you're interested in giving us a try, email us.
What if I want to become a team captain?
Email us and together we'll look for an opportunity with a sponsor bar to develop a new team, or help you find a team in need of a captain.
What if I know of a bar or billiard hall interested in sponsoring a team?
The league is always interested in adding new teams, new sponsors and new players! If the bar or hall is located in one of the boroughs of Manhattan or New Jersey and is near a subway stop, email us about it and we'll do everything we can to help bring them onboard.
What can I do if I experience a situation of bad sportsmanship during a match?
The NYGPL does not tolerate bad sportsmanship. We are a league devoted to building a sense of community and friendship while raising money for charity. If you witness or experience bad sportsmanship at an NYGPL match, please report it by emailing us.
Where do we play? How does the schedule work?
Each team has a home bar/hall and a home night (either Monday or Tuesday). You generally play alternating each week, home one week on your home's night, away the next week at that bar or hall on its home night.